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Are you getting ready to travel in a luxury car rental in Dubai? You have lots to look forward to whether you are traveling for pleasure or for business. One step off of your plane and you will realize why this place is quickly becoming the most popular city for tourists everywhere.

It dazzles the senses with its towering skyscrapers including the world’s tallest skyscraper, the magnificent Burj Khalifa. It has many malls featuring hundreds of name brand, luxury retailers all waiting for you. The city comes alive at night dancing LED lights and music along the base of the Dubai Mountain and there are hundreds of nightclubs that welcome you at all hours.

among our clients is one of the best luxury car hire agencies in the area. Our team speaks several languages and we do everything we can to satisfy our clients. Turn your trip to the United Arab Emirates into a cherished memory to share with your loved ones. Driving in an exotic supercar to the landmarks of this city is something you won’t forget so quickly!

For example, the Wild Wadi Water Park in Jumeirah is one of the most popular amusement parks to go to for a wide selection of wild, refreshing rides. Jumeirah is also the home of several incredible spas where you are given individualized treatments whether you go for a day or a weekend long retreat.

Dubai Creek is also a must-see where you can visit the oldest building in the city, the Heritage Village and the Museum which is housed inside the Al Fahidi Fort. You can take a cable car ride to see Dubai Creek from the air or you can relax in the creek and absorb everything around you when you hire a water taxi.

With many new roads and infrastructures, this place is a drive-friendly country. There are excellent drives to take during your stay from those best enjoyed at night to those that are better done during the day when you can view the exquisite scenery. If you feel like getting behind the wheel of a race car, check out the Autodrome.

With all that there is to do, you cannot afford to visit without a luxury car rental in Dubai. Since this is such a dazzling city, you will not want to drive around in just any car. You will want an impressive car. Take the city on in a Ferrari, a Lamborghini or a Maserati. Actually, any luxury car you can think of can be yours for your visit. Just browse around our site to see a full selection of available cars.

You need the freedom that comes with a prestigious vehicle hire in Dubai. You do not have to enjoy your free time on a bus schedule, you can make your own schedule. If you are visiting for business, you may have some commitments and meetings. You will not want to be late and you don’t have to be when you are in control behind the wheel of a late-model luxury rental from us.

You will be surprised to find that comfort and pleasure is within reach. We offer many rides for rent and all of them are among the top brands available. Our rental fees are affordable, though. We make it easy to get the car you want and need for your entire stay in this enchanting city.

Why should you rent from us? Well, we think that our outstanding service and experience together with our impressive selection of hundreds of high performance rentals are just a few reasons why you should. Don’t forget that this is a very car friendly city and you don’t want to waste a moment of your visit waiting for a taxi or another form of public transit.

You will want to hire a luxury car in Dubai and go where you want when you want. Plus, when you rent from us you get to enjoy our astounding rates. We can drop your chosen car off wherever you like, too. Just contact us now to get started!

If you want a sports car instead of renting a limo, you are at the right place too. We have all the latest models of popular exotic cars available. Exclusive models from Ferrari or BMW and many other luxury brands, available 24 hours, 365 days a year.


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Peter H.
I regularly fly to Dubai for business reasons and this time I wanted something special. Luxury vehicles are very common on these streets so why shouldn't I get one myself? I don't regret my decision, this was an exhilarating experience, thanks a lot!
M. Lively
We needed a reliable company for hiring a few luxury cars for our wedding and haven't been disappointed. The cars looked great and the drivers were very friendly and knowledgeable. Thanks for a great time!
Grethe S.
I was looking for a birthday surprise for my friend and we ended up with an Aventador. You should have seen the face of my love! I can still feel butterflies in my stomach just thinking back...This was one of the best times I ever had.