Rent a Mercedes G63

vehicle specifications

  • Engine
    5.5L V8
  • bhp
  • top speed
    178 KM

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Hire a Mercedes G63

An Adrenaline Filled Experience: Rent A Mercedes G63 The decision to rent a Mercedes G63 is a sign that the person doing the renting has committed themselves to not only enjoying the great outdoors, but also doing it in style. The Mercedes G63 may not be the best looking of off road vehicles - but the body shape has changed very little over the years, a testament to the iconic nature of this automobile. Although it may look boxy and utilitarian the latest models available for rental are full of both the latest technology and the latest in creature comforts. If you really want an adrenaline filled off road experience then seek out a rental company that will allow you to rent a Mercedes G63 in its AMG guise. This is the top of the range G63 incarnation and leasing it will reward the renter with an off road experience that is second to none. The rugged pedigree of the G63 is brought to a power filled conclusion in the guise of the AMG version. If the idea of the twin turbo 5.5 liter engine doesn't get your pulse racing then you merely need to step on the gas to realize that this vehicle is truly something special.The power of this bulky and definitely heavy SUV is harnessed through an ultra efficient seven speed auto box, making it a pleasure to drive and allowing the venerable frame to complete on more than even footing with the best 4x4's in the world. In fact although there are prettier off road vehicles out there such as the Porsche Cayenne and the BMW X5 this ultra powerful throwback to a simpler time stands out from the crowd due not only to its design, but also for its ability to soak up the worse that Mother Nature can throw at it and still keep on trucking. In fact in a world of vanilla 4x4's this is a scoop of Sriracha flavored fun.