Top 3 Travel Destinations in Dubai

Ultra modern infrastructure, glittering nightlife and grand lifestyle define the cosmopolitan city of Dubai. Tourists from around the world flock here for shopping, sunny beaches, indoor fun zones, gardens, desert safari and cruises.

From a Middle Eastern desert to a modern city, it has transformed into a gleaming travel destination for the world. Its home to high profile night clubs, hotels and trade centers. Be it business or leisure, this place is a paradise on earth.

Whether you’re alone or out for a family vacation, there is an array of things to explore. While this place is a basket full of entertainment and sightseeing options, here’s a snapshot of the Top 3 travel destinations in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa

Top 3 Destinations in Dubai

As a high profile tourist destination, the city is a dynamic place that keeps reinventing itself. Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and this place’s main destination.

Surrounded by tall buildings and city skyline, Burj Khalifa is on every traveler’s bucket list. A great engineering marvel, this building is fabulous on the exterior as well.

It’s glassy appearance and spectacular design makes it one of the Top 3 Destinations in Dubai. The Mall at the base of the building serves as a welcome point for visitors and one can take a leisure walk around as well.

The building has several restaurants, business places, offices and hotels. Being a massive structure and nation’s pride, Burj Khalifa is definitely one of the best travel destinations.

Ski Dubai

First indoor ski resort of the Middle East, Ski Dubai is one of the most crowded places you will visit. It offers several alternatives ranging from Penguin encounters, ice skating, skiing and snowboarding. One can enjoy the Antarctic temperatures all the year round.

You can easily get the skating gear, clothing and accessories here and combo deals for the different activities are also available. Built inside the Mall of Emirates, this attraction features some exclusive activities found nowhere else in the Middle East. It is a huge snow park and a great place to take skiing lessons. Tube slides, slopes and high jumps are some of the exclusive fun offered here.

Dubai Creek

When making our list of the best travel destinations in the area, it’s impossible to miss Dubai Creek. In sharp contrast to the glitzy malls, urban architecture and metropolitan lifestyle, the Creek presents old charm in natural bliss. As you move a little forward from the spice souk, this spot is beside the sea.

On one side of the road is the urban infrastructure while the other is glistening blue water with wooden boats and ferries. You can find several choices for boating and all of them take you to retro-regal bliss. You can enjoy some great food on the boat ride under the shining sun. The ambiance is cool, breezy and serene that gives you great opportunity to unwind from the city hustle.

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