One Night In The Burj Al Arab

Do you wish to be in the world’s third tallest hotel that proudly stands upright in the city of Dubai? This city is eminently known for world-class enjoyment facilities like the rooftop hotels and beach clubs that are promising in terms of exciting times that you can spend here.

One Night In The Burj Al Arab

If you have been to the city various times, then it is not very typical for you to know which places you should reach up for. There are landmarks such as the world’s tallest man-made structure, the Burj Khalifa or supposedly the world’s only seven star hotel that is Burj Al Arab, that can proudly be termed as the shining stars of the city.

Though the places that you can go for in Dubai are numerous but one landmark that surely needs a mention is the Burj al Arab that literally means the “Arabian Tower”. It is situated on the artificial island of Dubai, the Palm of Jumeirah and is connected to the main city via a bridge. The mere sight of this hotel can simply put you in awe and you will surely be mesmerized by the facilities that behold this craftsmanship of construction.

Why this structure is so unique?

When it comes to expertise in designing then nothing stands like the way it does. The extravagance comes alive when you get to see the rooftop that has a helipad on it. It is indeed thinkable the amount of money you will have to ease out from your pocket. But the question arises if this hotel is worthy of being spent a huge amount of money on?

The construction of the place took around five years for its completion and the results are indeed awesome when it comes to the services it offers.

Get into the most expensive rooms!

Spending one night in the Burj Al Arab can be the most expensive and memorable experience for you. Though the charges are indeed very sky-scraping, what you get in return is really matchless. How about living under an aquarium, or a princess abode reminding you of the royal enclosures that once dwelled on earth.

Even by just looking at the pictures you can go speechless because nothing can really exist on this earth like these heavenly rooms. The color combinations are far from exotic and several levels up than the extraordinary.

Why not a royal suite?

Customization comes first when you talk about this hotel that has the royal suites to give a royal treatment. There are around more than 17 types of pillows and a king-sized bed that can be adjusted as per your own choice. Unveiling more of the royal stay here, you will get to operate an iPad plated in 24 carat gold and a helicopter for your transportation to the place of your own choice.

You can fully control the suite with a remote control that includes the curtains and the lights as well. At this place you can view the oceans that are perfect for your stay and make it a refreshing one for you.

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