Choosing a Restaurant in Dubai

Dubai is a great place for food lovers and gives a multitude of choices for everyone. Here’s a quick guide on choosing a restaurant in Dubai.

Urban, glamorous and futuristic, Dubai is a multi-cultural metropolis. Sky scrapers to sand dunes; the city amalgamates world class architecture with a glittering culture. This cosmopolitan city is known for its grand shopping malls, beaches, activity zones and culinary pleasures. The city is fascinating, vibrant and engaging for any traveler. With a hoard of activities, Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of international cuisine, eateries and restaurants of every genre. Choosing a restaurant is Dubai is an important task before you plan your trip.

Choosing a Restaurant in Dubai

Whether you are on a shopping spree or a business trip, here’s a quick guide on choosing a restaurant in Dubai. Bur Dubai is famous for its local eateries and street food sprawling everywhere.

You can find food from every corner of the world. Savor the Arabic Shwarma wrap or indulge in sushi – you’re sure to find authentic flavors at an economical price. There are a plethora of Indian food joints serving delicacies from every state. Be it Hyderabadi Biryani or South Indian food, there is something for everyone.

Dubai is an International destination and houses many food chain brands from across the globe. Be it Johny Walkers, Starbucks, Pizza Hut or Cinnabon; there are endless choices sprawling all over the city.

Dubai is also the place for food connoisseurs and discerning foodies. There are niche restaurants specializing in sea food, desserts, Asian and western cuisine. One may find food outlets serving Peruvian, Latin American, French and South Asian varieties.

When you are choosing a restaurant in Dubai and trying some elite names is your benchmark then you should definitely walk in one of the following places.

Pai Thai – It’s one of the renowned Thai restaurants of UAE and has been here for a while. Built beside the aqua waters and natural scenery, it serves authentic Thai food. The ambiance is serene, blissful and lush.

Rang Mahal – Traversing the borders, Rang Mahal brings Indian flavors to Dubai. It is the place where elite class prefers to enjoy the Indian culinary art. From curries to biryani, the menu is comprehensive and gives you great choices.

Hakkasan – If Chinese food is your love then Hakkasan is must visit. It serves great food and has a modern layout. You are sure to be lured by the hospitality and grace of this place.

JW’s Steakhouse – Your Dubai trip is incomplete without enjoying a good steak. This premier restaurant is hugely evocative and indulging. The dim lights, innovative interior and service set it apart from its contemporaries.

At.Mosphere – Built on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa, this place is synonymous with romance and elegance. Built with modern styling, this place is huge and the windows will give a panoramic view of the fascinating blue sky.

When it comes to food, Dubai is a full-fledged paradise that has everything you can think of. Ask any Dubai lover that can spell out the innumerable choices this place has to offer. Be it on a take away or a classy seven course meal, this cosmopolitan city never ceases to impress its travelers.

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